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The wireless eTube axle detection system is widely used in applications for bicycle detection. The eTube transmitter (selfpowered pressure sensitive sensor) can be installed in minutes on top of the road surface and will transmit a radio signal to the receiver station every time it is detecting a vehicle axle.

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The eTube receiver station (sensor data storage unit) can receive and store sensor data from 15 eTube sensors simultaneously. The long distance wireless communication (up to 60m line of sight) between an eTube sensor and the eTube receiver station will enable the user to design a traffic detection system which can cover a wide area, e.g. a traffic intersection, just with one eTube receiver station. Modern on-board GPRS wireless communication enables the user to access the data remotely without being on site. Furthermore the solar power option extends the eTube data collection capabilities to 365 days per year.

myTrafficData: Web-based access to your database wherever you are. You can access your data, visualize statistics and generate reports. Administration of several products is comfortable and safe. Total wireless: Radio transmission from the sensor to the receiver station, GPRS data transmission to myTrafficData.

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